Birthday Dances

White Rose Squares, Harrogate emblem

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43rd 27th February 2021 Cancelled due to Coronavirus 
42nd 22nd February 2020 Emma Horsefield & Robert Hirst 
41st 23rd February 2019 Trevor Day 
40th 24th February 2018 James Wyatt 
39th 26th February 2017 Di Green 
38th 27th February 2016 Geoff Powell 
37th 28th February 2015 Emma Horsfield 
36th 22nd February 2014 Di Green 
35th 23rd February 2013 Paul Preston 
34th 25th February 2012 Derek Stewart 
33rd 26th February 2011 Kevin Evans 
32nd 27th February 2010 Terry McCann 
31st 28th February 2009 Derek Stewart 
30th 23rd February 2008 Dirk the Shirt 
29th 24th February 2007 Paul Bristow 
28th 25th February 2006 Trevor Day 
27th 26th February 2005 James Wyatt 
26th 28th February 2004 Terry McCann 
25th 22nd February 2003 Silver Jubilee Reunion Dance - James Wyatt 
24th 23rd February 2002 Paul Brostow 
23rd 24th February 2001 Neil Whiston 
22nd 26th February 2000 Paul Bristow 
21st 27th February 1999 Paul Bristow 
20th 21st February 1998 Neil Whiston 
19th 22nd February 1997 Terry McCann 
18th 24th February 1996 Neil Whiston 
17th 25th February 1995 Mike Burnham 
16th 26th February 1994 Paul Bristow 
15th 27th February 1993 Terry McCann 
14th  22nd February 1992 Ron Hepdon 
13th 23rd February 1991 Geoff Powell 
12th 17th February 1990 Paul Bristow 
11th 18th February 1989 Roy Howells 
10th 27th February 1988 Dave Clay 
9th 21st February 1987 Paul Bristow 
8th 22nd February 1986 Geoff Powell 
7th 23rd February 1985 Dave Whittington & Band 
6th 25th February 1984 Johnny Hayes 
5th 26th February 1983 Malcolm Davis 
4th  6th March 1982 Paul Preston 
3rd 28th February 1981 Brian Summerfield 
2nd 1980 
1st Birthday & Graduation February 1979 Al Green 
Completed Basic Moves 1-49  5th March 1978  
Started  September 1977  
Showing 45 items