White Rose Squares Callers

Present Caller

Cliff Anderton  2006 - Present

Cliff Anderton calls Mainstream and Pre Anounced Plus at White Rose Squares on Sunday evenings. Cliff also calls at Harmony Squares along with fellow caller Gene Turner
as well as monthly at Lune Valley Ocean Veavers
and as a regular guest caller at Wolds Weavers

Guest Callers

Gene Turner
John Kozyra

Past Callers

John Mee 1998 - 2017
Tony Metcalfe 1997 - 1998
Richard Tinson 1995 - 1997
John Pratten 1982 - 1995
Charlie Barnett (& Carol) 1981 - 1982
Al Green 1980 - 1981
Dave Hall 1978 - 1980

Members turned Callers

Artie Calvert
John Kozyra
Jim Hargreaves
Cliff Anderton
Peter Gurney
Granville Spencer
John Mee
Philip Mee
Bob Way